Part-Time-Author: Learn how to write, market and sell non-fiction books on Amazon (without an audience)

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Part-Time-Author: Learn how to write, market and sell non-fiction books on Amazon (without an audience)

Greg Lim
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Part-Time-Author: Learn how to write, publish, market, and sell a portfolio of books on Amazon (without an audience) on the side

This is a live 5-week course that gives you everything you need to know to write and sell a book on Amazon on the side.

In the five weeks, I will guide you personally with the system I used to go from zero to over 50,000 books sold to get you started on your Amazon book portfolio. This will be a small cohort-based-course so that I can focus on individual students.

After the live course, I will continue to guide you in the Discord community to build your own book portfolio.

Who is this for?

The course is for anyone interested in publishing their first book on Amazon and don't have an audience (if you have an audience or have published books before, you are welcomed too! The better!).

What's Covered in the Course?

Module 1 : The Book Edge & Book Niche

  • How a book can help you financially, reputationally & relationally.
  • How much money you can make
  • Types of Books to write
  • How to use the 3 'P's to pick a profitable niche
  • Evergreen vs. non-evergreen content
  • Don't Infringe Trademarks
  • Q&A Discussion

Module 2: Book Title & Outline

  • Portfolio of small books (breadth & depth)
  • Why write short books
  • Coming up with an Amazon optimised book title & subtitle
  • Designing a book outline
  • Steal like an Artist
  • Q&A Discussion

Module 3: Book Writing

  • Paperback Manuscript Templates
  • How to write "fast" - thinking in layers
  • Editing your book
  • Q&A Discussion

Module 4: Book Publishing & Marketing

  • Building a Brand with Book covers
  • Creating your Amazon book product page
  • Book Keywords
  • Publishing on Amazon exclusively (KDP Select) vs. going wide (e.g. Apple books, Barnes and Nobles, Kobo, IngramSpark, Gumroad)
  • How to use price promotions
  • What to do when your book fails
  • Q&A Discussion

Module 5: Book Reviews, Re-Using, Repurposing and Ads

  • Building an email list from your readers
  • Reviews matter more than anything - How to get them
  • When you get a bad review
  • Re-Using Content
  • Amazon Ads
  • Repurposing and cross-promoting in different formats (ebooks, physical books, online courses, audio books)
  • Q&A Discussion

Module 6: One-on-One Coaching (one hour)

  • Personal guidance to plan for the road ahead

Bonus Session:
a. Growing and Making Money on Medium

b. "How to Create a Children's Book"

Beyond the Live Sessions: Follow Up in Discord Community

  • Post Q&A to discuss any questions you may have
  • Feedback and follow up on your prospective books
  • Personal guidance in the community/DMs to keep you on track in your publishing

Cohort Details

Sessions: Five weekly live group sessions (all recorded) plus one 1-1 coaching session

Session Duration: about 1.5 hours

If the times doesn't suit you due to timezone issues, DM me (twitter.com/greglim81) and I will see how to arrange for an alternative cohort

* When you sign up, you will have access to all future cohorts, so you won't miss anything or updates.

About Me

My name is Greg Lim and I'm a creator on the side. I've published more than twenty over books on Amazon all on the side. I've sold over 50,000 books and $180,000 in royalties (not including stores like IngramSpark, Apple books).

A few of them are bestsellers (see below; you can also view all my books on Amazon by clicking here).

Bonus Material

You'll also receive access to the following bonuses:

  • resources that will help you save time in creating your book, including manuscript templates, image book cover templates
  • A 'reviews' request script that will help you increase the number of reviews for your book
  • Bonus workshop on Growing and Making Money on Medium

Refund Policy

Because I am so confident of my process, if you do not earn back the course fees through your book royalties (one year's royalties after your book is published), I will refund you the balance:

e.g., Course fee $397. Royalties earned in a year $200. I will refund you $197.

So, you don't lose anything at all.

Any other questions?

Feel free to DM me at https://twitter.com/greglim81 or email support@i-ducate.com


Terence @enigmack09

Kim Sia @KimStacks

"The workshop is info-packed and filled with real examples based on Greg's experience. For anyone who doesn't have an audience and want to write a book that sells, this is the workshop for you."
Choong @Choongwhooo

"'The only path to greatness and success is enabling others to become successful...'
@greglim81 is amazing and so generous with his time and knowledge"
Prateek @hackertronix

"A very thorough course! Greg took the mystery out of publishing a book or even a portfolio of books and shared different strategies on how to approach the endeavor."
Alina Okun @AlinaOkun

"Greg has distilled all his experiences writing and publishing several books into a very practical and approachable guide for anyone wanting to a write a book. I learnt a lot and strongly recommend this course for anyone wanting to begin their journey as a book author."
Babu Annamalai @mysticmindB

"Thank you again for putting this together. It was really really helpful.
I am hoping this community will continue to grow"
Amit Jotwani @amit

Daniel Correa @danielgarax

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